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To have a global presence in the medical devices industry through innovation, research and development Wright Medical is forward-looking, defining a long-term objective of the organization. Hospitals, clinics and other organizations within the health care industry may write vision statements to inspire their employees, as well as their patients. While a mission statement identifies what an organization is currently doing to meet the needs of its patients, a vision statement reveals what the organization hopes to accomplish and be known for in the future. A vision statement is brief, so it does not detail the methods for accomplishing the goal.

The health care industry is competitive and medical institutions strive to be leaders in providing medical services to their communities. This may be expressed in their vision statements; the Wright Medical’s vision is "to be the regional destination provider of innovative and complex care.

A vision statement may encompass multiple goals. The organization's vision statement emphasizes its desire is to "be the world's leading consumer health care company," "create leading brands," "shape the future of consumer health care" and "recognize and reward excellence."

Our Vision is: “We will be a national leader recognized for clinical excellence and innovation, preferred for a highly coordinated patient experience, and distinguished by the quality of our people.”

Our Vision statement points a picture of what our goals are for the future. It clearly defines the work we must do and connects to the behaviors we must demonstrate to achieve these goals within the next five years:

  • Be recognized for clinical excellence and innovation
  • Develop a highly coordinated patient experience
  • Be distinguished by the quality of our people.

We want to be established for having a positive impact on people's lives with our products, meeting the needs and even surpassing external expectations. We strive to create sustainable earnings growth, ranking in the top quartile of the industry and securing long-term business success. We want to build a reputation for an exciting workplace in which people can achieve their professional ambitions. We strive for a motivating environment where creativity and effectiveness are encouraged and where cutting-edge technologies are applied. In addition, we want to contribute to society through the positive environmental and social benefits of our products.